Pat Walls

Founder of Starter Story
from New York, NY
started September 2017
customer service
I get lots of emails/messages about starting Starter Story, so I wanted to create a place where I could reference a few articles/blog posts on the topic. Read these first: - The most comprehensive interview about starting: Founder Interviews: Pat Walls of Starter Story. - A more persona...
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I'm going to publish a post each month, where I'll set goals for the month, and see if I reached my goals for the previous month. You can find my November goals at the bottom of this post. Subscribe to Starter Story and I'll send you an email with the next blog post! Also, shoot me an e...
Last November, I started this website you’re reading here. Right now, it’s averaging about $1K/month. But primarily, I work a full time job as a software engineer. Before getting into the post, I want to note that I’m definitely not the most productive person in the world. There are som...
This is my December 1st update. You can read my November update here. ### December Results For November 2017, here were my goals that I set at the beginning of the month vs. what I actually did: Overall, I'm happy with the results. I included a few extra days in October since I techni...
I published my first piece of content in November 2017, and since then have published 80+ articles that have been seen nearly one million times (including Reddit views, which I’ll get to later). I’ve spent a lot of time sharing my content on the web. I’ve tried a lot of things, and I’ve...
For first time readers, this is my monthly update, where I share my analytics and lessons learned from starting a website. You can read my other monthly updates on my blog. ### TLDR - Best month yet - over 10k visitors! - Successful Product Hunt launch - Doubled my conversion rate - $5 ...
A few days ago I reached 1,000 email subscribers for my side project Starter Story. 🎉 Although it's relatively small, it feels like one of my biggest accomplishments. So I figured I'd write about my strategies, what worked, what did not, and some advice I have for others. ### What worke...
If you haven't seen yet, I've been blogging monthly about my progress launching and growing Starter Story. Why am I sharing this? I think it's a fun way to reflect on the past and plan for the future. I also believe that being transparent about your business is powerful. Also, if I shar...
Some numbers from the launch: - #1 on Product Hunt - #1 on Show HN (Hacker News) - 15k uniques - 9,000 Twitch views - 1,000 registered users - 18 hours of continuous streaming - 12 La Croix’s I started the day with ZERO lines of code, and ended the day with a submission to Product Hun...
March 2018, by the numbers: - 39 total interviews - 41,937 pageviews (March) - 1,581 total mailing list subscribers - $181.26 revenue (March) As far as new mailing list subscribers, this was a bad month 😞 I only added 285 new mailing list subscribers (netted with unsubscribes and bounce...